Trans Bears and Big Guys


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Trans bears, chubs, & cubs & admirers of same. Focus on personal discussion, sex talk, and pics. 18+
Woof! This community was created to give those trans guys who identify as bears (or cubs) or those who carry some meat on their bones space to talk and show off. Many ftm or trans male groups seem focused mostly on certain body types that tend to exclude those of us on the hairier/bulkier side of things. So here's some space to post up your hot, husky pics or talk about anything from hooking up and interacting with nontrans bears to where to get decent clothes in bigger sizes. No bullshit, no drama, and no insulting other folks' bodies or pictures.

All trans guys (preT, on T, presurgery, no surgery, post surgery, doesn't matter) who feel they would fit into this community are welcome to join. Anyone with the hots for bears and big dudes also welcome, but I'd like to encourage nontrans members to keep in mind that this is tbear/tcub-centered space and be careful of, well, monopolizing the conversation. With the cool folks who've joined up so far, I don't see that being a problem. And all members, remember: if you get unreasonably scrappy, don't be surprised to find yourself bounced.


1. All rules are subject to change. I'll post notice of any changes to the group.

2. All posts should be friends-only. Some people are shy, but would still like to be able to comment about how hot you are. If it ain't friends-only and it ain't fixed quickly, I'll delete and let you try it again.

3. Try to keep it reasonably on-topic. If you post something that's got nothing to do with bears or big trans guys, expect to have it locked down or deleted.

4. All sexualities welcome. Straight, bi, gay, or whatever.

5. You must be 18 years old or older to join this community or post in it. You must have a birthyear on your userinfo so I can be reasonably sure you are over the age minimum.

6. LJ-cut (http://www.livejournal.com/support/faqbrowse.bml?faqid=75) all pictures, and post an open comment about whether the pics are worksafe or not. Do the same for any long posts, please. If you screw that up or forget, you'll get a reminder. If it's not dealt with fairly quickly, I'll delete your post and let you try it again. I'm not doing that to be a jerk, just to keep things easy for everyone.

7. No anti-fat, anti-hairy, etc posts allowed. No ragging on anyone else's gender or sexuality. No shit talk on other dudes, especially if they are not members and therefore can't defend themselves. I shouldn't have to say no racism, no sexism, etc, but I should probably add that just in case somebody feels the need to be a bigot.

8. No spamming, no requests for funds for your surgeries, no questions about starting T that you've crossposted to every other ftm group on LJ. You know what I mean.

**ABSOLUTELY NO SHARING OR COPYING of others’ photographs! Be cool, don't be an asshole.***

(BTW, I borrowed much of the idea for this user info content from ftmundressed's profile page. Thanks, dudes.)